Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Veterans Day Means To Me

What does Veterans Day mean to you? A day of sparsely attended parades or 15 second stock shots on the evening news? A day of a few flags here and there in the neighborhood? A day off from work? Or something more?

There will be many articles written today regarding Veterans Day, some of them eloquent and moving, some complex and thoughtful, many more perhaps rote and automatic. There is no need to complicate the meaning of Veterans Day. To me, it is blindingly simple.

Today means that someone gave up their youth so I could have one. It means someone spent months and years away from family so I could be with mine. It means someone gave up their life so I could have one of liberty. They sacrificed so I may have the freedom of choice in every area of my life. They suffered so I could vote, criticize the government, get an education, live wherever I want, travel unhindered, worship or not as I wish, and write anything I desire regarding Veterans Day or any other topic. Simple, yes? And profound.

Thank a Veteran today. Give thought, if only for a moment, of what you have because of their sacrifices. And honor them by living a good life.

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